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Curacao Marine Park

Are you interested in tropical marine research or do you want to study abroad in a unique island setting? Or are you thinking about planning activities for your vacation in Curacao or searching for unique environmental and nature projects to participate in? Then you have come to the right organisation.

This site will give you information about the possibilities for tropical marine science studies at CARMABI in Curacao, about the possibilities for conducting research at the CARMABI biological research station and the various areas in which the foundation is active.
As of summer 2008 – CARMABI, in collaboration with foreign academic institutes and UNA (University of the Netherlands Antilles), is offering introductory programs, at undergraduate-level, on Tropical Marine Sciences and professional workshops on Soil & Water Management, Aquaculture and more. Some programs are academically accredited by UNA – for more details go to

CARMABI manages different natural reserves on the island like the well known Christoffel Park and Shete Boka National Park. Different activities and projects are organized in these parks to support sustainable development.
The CARMABI foundation further implements an environmental education program for different levels of the local primary and secondary schools.

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